The Pros and Cons of Open Carry vs. Concealed Carry

On Monday September 13th Assault Weapons became legal for the first time in ten years. The weapons which become legal include AK-47s,Assault Weapons Legal Articles Oozies and other automatic weaponry.

This un-banning of the weapons make it easier for criminals to get their hands on automatic weapons and cause more harm quickly and abruptly than before.

The bill which made these weapons illegal was backed by more than 64% of the population to be renewed however congress and the president did not even touch the issue.

The assault weapons ban was put in place to stop criminals from getting these weapons, although it was not full proof it was proved to be very helpful in cutting down on crimes which included assault weapons.

Days before the weapons  became legal Al Qaeda released another video telling its members to go to the USA and buy the assault weapons when they become legal. Since the United States is one of the only countries, especially civilized, that allows the use and selling of such weapons the USA will become a haven for terrorists.

The main reason why the bill was not renewed is the NRA, National Rifle Association. The members of the NRA have been waiting for this day since 1994. The group is so powerful to stop a weapon from getting banned because of their money and ability to persuade the public. If the members of congress were to renew the bill, their days in would be limited.